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Recover the contents from damaged CDs and DVDs

With usage, physical supports like CDs and DVDs can end up getting damaged, thus affecting their contents. In this kind of situation the best idea is to extract that contents to save it more securely, something that becomes necessary when the devices are scratched or due to incorrect usage.

  Get My Videos Back is a utility that allows the possibility to recover information from scratched CDs and DVDs. GMVB automatically detects the kind of file and then applies the best possible configuration to extract the contents. What's more, it include the “Byte” mode, with which it is possible to recover information from damaged supports.

  How it works is simple and very fast,making it easy-to-use for all users. With Get My Videos Back you won't lose the contents of your scratched discs. You will simply have to extract the contents and save it where it suits you best, thus making the contents available for ever. Discover the benefits that it offers you when it comes to managing and handling your collection after downloading Get My Videos Back free.

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